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Identifying your Lip Shape

Lip Shape Chart
Smooches!    We are all blessed with different shaped lips and what may work for one lip type ... may not work for the rest. This should not stop your from achieving desirable trendy lips. Identifying  your lip shape can maximize your lip game to sis to "YAS SIS" ! 
From full pouty lips to small thin lips; we all want to dominate on fleek lips. Identify your lip shape and learn the best makeup hacks. Its time to elevate our looks ladies! " If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you SLAY!" 

Lip Shape #1

How big is your smile? Does your smile stretch from "ear to ear", this means you have wide lips. Having wider set lips can take over your facial features whenever you showing off your pearly whites. Sis, take advantage of this and step up your lip skills!  
Lippie Hack: When you outline your lips, over do it! Overlining your lips make them appear bigger and balances out the width. If you feel like your top lip is perfect as is; just outline the bottom lip. This will create a heavy full bottom lip look! Looking for a more neutral chic look?  Try light soft nudes or clear lip gloss for less attention on the lips.
Who doesn't adore Nikki Minaj? Nikki knows how to rock her wide lips!

Lip Shape #2

Does your lips have a puffy pout that outweighs the bottom lip creating a less defined "M" shape? Girl, you have natural pouty lips, embrace them !! No need to perch up your lips. All we need is to do is balance out your lower lip. There are so many tricks for your lip shape.
Lippie Hack: To make your lips more "even and fuller", extend the lining of you lower lip with a lip pencil. Apply the lining under your bottom lip line creating a fuller lower lip. Don't like the fuller, big lip? Try making your top lip smaller by using a dark color for your upper lip and a shade lighter at the bottom to even them out.
So you don't have too many options for shades? Apply the lipstick to your lips and dab a little white pencil at the center of your bottom lip. Doing this, creates a fuller lower lip. Oh, how we love illusions ! 
J.T is the perfect example for the heavy upper lip. See how she plays with the lip pencil to create this trendy look.

Lip Shape #3


 Are your lips overblown and pillow-like? Plump, inflated and swollen lips ? Chile please, we are low key jealous of your lips. You definitely have the lips to die for! To each it own, maybe you don't like your fuller lips like everyone else. We got some tricks up our sleeves for you.

Lippie Hack: Honestly, your lips is todays trendy news. We all itching for full lips! To take some attention off your lips, try nude colors that blend into your skin. If you a lip pencil lover, try to underline your lip by drawing underneath your natural lip line. Another trick, is blurring your natural lip line with a concealer that matches your skin tone. Using a brush, focus on the edges of your lips. This will help blend the line between your lips and your skin


Now we know, SZA is the queen for full lips. Creating that Bratz look effortlessly!!


Lip Shape #4

 Do your lips look like its in a straight line? Do you find that your lips can use a plumper or a filler? The less lip the more you can play and slay'kay. Do not get discourage because beauty is like magic. Full of tricks and illusions.. lets get you right sis!
Lippie Hack: Overline, overline, overline is your BEST friend! Overline and fill her (lips) in to create a slightly bigger top and bottom lip. Add gloss to your lip color to make your lips appear fuller. Select bright and bold colors to make the color pop on your lips. Avoid all dark colors as they tend to be slimming to the lips.
Ariana has thin lips and does not let it stop her beauty. Overline Queen.

Lip Shape #5

Is your bottom lip bigger than your upper lip? Hurry and look in the mirror! Cute bottom lip that we use to poke out when we were sad..OK maybe some us still do. This lip is actually another lip shape that woman would not mind having.  Let find some lip tricks for those lips..
Lippie Hack: All we have to do is make your upper lip fuller and wah-la! Use the color of your choice and slightly dab your white pencil to the center of the upper lip to achieve the fuller look. Not much to fix here, adore those pouty lips.
The queen of pouty lips goes to... Kylie !! The Lippie Queen.


Lip Shape #6

Are you lips the same width and length? Full, plump lips that has a round edge to it. Honey, you got some round lips! It something about fullness when it comes to the lips and we all want it! 
Lippie Hacks: There is not much we can do with your full lips. Dark colors are your best friend to slim down your lips. Stray away from matte lipsticks and pick up some glossy lipstick as it tones down the roundness of your lips .


Black Chyna always delivers when it comes to her lip game. Glossed up!


Lip Shape #7

Does your lips curve downward.. hurry and grab a mirror!  Do the corner of your mouth point down? Some people called this the sad face because you have a natural frown that goes down. Don't freight, there is nothing wrong with your lips. We just need to redirect your downward curve.

 Lip Hacks: Lip liner and concealer  are your two besties ! Use the concealer to blend the corners of your mouth. You should literally look like you have the corners of your mouth missing, BLEND. Now, use your lip liner to recreate a lip line. Make sure you are outlining the corners of your mouth slightly pointing up and out. Frowned lips where?!


 Even though Kash Doll has downward shaped lips. She outlined and slayed ! 

Lip Shape #8

 Do you have a prominent "M" shape for your upper lip and a pointy lower lip? Sounds like you have the heart shaped lips which most call the perfect lip! What's perfect to me, may not be perfect for you. So lets find you some tricks!

Lippie Hack: Let's make those lips pop. Pick out your lip color and evenly paint your lips. Using a white lip pencil; dab the center of your lips and POP! This white illusion will make your lips look fuller in the middle. Some ladies don't like the deep "M" dip and that's okay! The best way to hide that dip is to overline the middle of the lip. This will dull out the "M";  giving you a rounder top lip. A simple fix.  

Rhianna is the prime example for heart shaped lips. You never really see her hiding those heart shaped lips. 


Lip Shape #9

 Cupid Bow lips are very similar to heart shaped lips. Yet, the lower lip is more rounder than the heart shaped lips but they both share the "M" dip at the upper lip.  I would say it is more like a lower case "m", matching the cupid's bow.  Another set of lips that are favorable to the eye. 
Lippie Hack: Honestly, there is nothing to fix here. Same as the heart shaped lips, you can blur out your "m" shape by overlining the top lip. I don't think these lips need any fixing at all. Put some gloss and and shine on sis! Flaunt those lips. 



Ari ! We always love her makeup and she kill it every time she wears nude colors. 


Listen ladies, we are all blessed with some beautiful lips whether you believe so or not. Use these lippie hacks to elevate your looks and mood. Remember what I said at the beginning. If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you SLAY!" Let make the room still when we walk in ! 

Mwah. Smack. Pucker up. Until we meet again!


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